Family Heritage

A recent trip of family reunion allowed me to discover more of my roots.

I'm thankful to be genetically wired having the sense of style like my late grandmom, who is a woman of elegance and perseverance. After losing her loving husband in her 30's, she raised 6 kids all on her own by working in a textile factory. My mom, being the eldest among her siblings, started her career as a seamstress at a young age to help supporting the family. It was never planned, but I somehow followed the path and became the third generation in the family to be in the textile/fashion industry.

"We are who we are because they were who they were!"

My late grandmom always dressed appropriately. Even as a senior, she's aware of what's in style and never afraid of taking a bit of fashion risk. Being a granddaughter, I had the privilege to inherit treasures from her closet! Here is an assemble of a vintage purse from grandmom, and a LBD hand-crafted by my mom over 50 years ago. My wish is to become a woman as tough & stylish like grandmom, and as diligent & caring like my mom.